Rond-RabbinOur chefs

Our many Cooks Chefs and Pastry Chefs reputed by their great culinary expertise and specialized in Kosher food, will fully satisfy you with finesse, quality, choice, and variety of their dishes and will make you travel through the world of delights and flavors with their cooking as hearty as tasty. From breakfast to dinner, you take your meals in a large dining rooms..

LUNCH : For your intense days, if you wish not to get lunch at the hotel, you will be able, upon request, to take your meal tray. And you will fully enjoy your days and activities.




Supervision Rabbinique

Dear Client,

The Crystal Club is a Glatt Kosher Lemehadrin Hotel which will be strictly supervised under the supervision of  Rav Ephraim Cremisi – Montreal Canada.

He is known as:

  • Founder with Rav Osher Yaakov WESTHEIM of : BADATS IGOUD RABANIM
  • Rav and Dayan of the community of Mekor Chochma in Montreal – Canada
  • Holder of several Smichot obtained from Rav Wozner and many other Rabbanim in Israel.
  • Holder of 2 Smichot of Dayanut obtained by Rav Breisch of Zurich and Rav Mordehai Gross of Bnei Brak
  • All in all, his Hechsher and supervision is one of the best recognized Kosher certifications in France, Europe, Canada and worldwide.





For childrens

team of specialist chefs will make every effort
to ensure that your infants and childrens meals
and are perfectly adapted to their nutritional needs, whatever their ages.